Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Following the Light

I have just discovered a new blog, authored by Denver Snuffer. His posts are pearls of wisdom. Consider this one on teaching:
Teaching is marred by the ineptitude of teachers.  It does not matter how complex a subject being taught is, a good teacher will make is both simple and enjoyable to learn.  When a subject becomes difficult to understand, more often than not it is because the teacher does not understand the subject well enough to make it simple. For the Gospel, teaching is a matter of increasing light in the one learning.  To do that the student must learn how to improve their obedience to true principles.  Only someone's obedience to truth will lead them to greater truth.  The teacher's obedience cannot and does not benefit the student of the gospel if the student is unwilling to receive greater light and truth by obedience. The necessary obedience is not obedience to a man, or men, or a set of rules devised by men.  It is not even obedience to a rigid set of commandments. Obedience and fidelity must be directed to the Lord.  No matter how well someone may teach for doctrine the commandments of men, those who hear will never gain more than a form of godliness, without any power.
That final paragraph is powerful! Pure revelation! I'm beginning to understand that I have erred in spirit all these years -- from when I first felt compelled by "Church organization" to put my faith or trust in man (or men) rather than (or instead of) the Lord Himself. The bishop, stake president, or even the prophet cannot replace the Son of Man as my God and Savior. My discipleship and devotion must be to Him. I cannot forget that. I cannot allow myself to lose that. I must remember that my relationship with God is as a son to his Father, not a hireling to his employer, or a mere servant to his master. I am not the bishop's disciple, or the stake president's follower. I'm not, first and foremost, a member of the Church! My relationship is with God! To Him I must give account. To Him I have to answer. Before Him I must kneel -- and will kneel, daily -- for all my wants, needs, and cares.

I confess that I have gotten away from that. Far, far away. I have received for doctrine the commandments of men, mingled with scripture. I have "lost" (track of) Christ in all my activity in His Church.

Of that I must repent.

I must find Him again.