Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Casting out demons

This post may be best understood in conjunction with an earlier one.

The gospels of Matthew and Mark record the experience of a man who, from his childhood, was torn, afflicted, and enslaved by a spiritual entity (Matthew 17:14-21; Mark 9:14-29). Apparently not even priesthood administration could liberate this man from his evil captor. Under that maleficent spirit’s influence, the captive would throw a fit, foam at the mouth, gnash his teeth, lose control, pass out, and sometimes even fall into fire or water, seemingly intent on destroying himself.

Today we might diagnose his affliction as epilepsy. But Jesus revealed that, in this case, the man’s condition was a spiritual malady.

Seeking Jesus’ help, the man’s father asked: “[I]f thou canst do any thing, have compassion on us, and help us.”

Jesus immediately addressed the man’s misconception. He explained that it wasn’t the limit of Jesus’ power, or His willingness to help, that prevented this man from being healed; rather it was the limit of the man’s (and the father’s) faith. Jesus said: “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth” (italics mine). 

Speaking for all of us, the father immediately cried out, “Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.”

Today I speak to those who believe, but who need help with their unbelief.

I speak to those who, perhaps, have almost given up hope of deliverance; who seemingly wallow in sin; who throw themselves, again and again, as it were, into the “fire” and “water”; who wrestle with self-destructive tendencies and addictions, perhaps even from their youth. I speak to those who practically can’t control themselves; who commit the same sins over and over again. I speak to the drug addict, the glutton, the gambler, and to those captivated – and held captive -- by pornography, sexuality, sensuality and pleasure; to the habitual thief, the liar, the foul-mouthed and to the sinfully self-centered, the perpetually lazy, the ceaseless gossip, and to those who are critical of others. In other words, I speak to all of us. 

But before I do, I’d like to explain how we got in this “predicament”.

In his magnificent explication of what is termed “the fall of Adam” (found in 2 Nephi 2), Lehi addressed why it is that we must now have “sin” in this world. As he explained, “it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things” (verse 11); otherwise, there is no existence.

Lehi understood that our first parents, Adam and Eve, were introduced into this world in which they would encounter opposition, corruption, and death…for their own good. God’s children, by definition (being “children”) are incomplete. We’re imperfect. We came to this world to grow, improve, and perfect ourselves, in the process experiencing joy. (And sorrow.)

It was not in God’s wisdom that His children should (at first) be immortal. In this world, immortal beings necessarily would be unable to reproduce, in violation of the first commandment (to “multiply and replenish”). In accordance with God’s plan for mankind’s perfection and happiness, it was incumbent upon every soul entering this world (by birth) to depart it (by death).

Glen J. Kuban explains this in his concise and perspicacious treatise on the subject:
God commanded the creatures to be "Fruitful and Multiply." However, as thousands of species, including countless microbes, insects, worms, rodents, etc. obeyed this command and reproduced unchecked (without physical death), the entire earth would soon be awash in a horrific mass of exponentially exploding populations. Indeed, considering the reproduction rates of many invertebrates alone (some producing thousands of offspring in a single generation), within days to weeks at most the Garden of Eden would become a veritable hell on earth. Peace and tranquility would quickly be replaced with unimaginable overcrowding, pestilence and starvation. A bizarre paradox would also ensue. Soon animals would have no food to eat, nor space in which to live, and yet no ability to die. This is not only an absurdity and logical paradox, it is at direct odds with God's stated plan for a "good" creation.
Adam and Eve were born into this world in which death is a fact of life. Had they been rendered immortal and reproduced similarly immortal offspring, “life” for all (bound to this world) would have inevitably become a hellish, impossible crush of overcrowding. They would literally have been buried beneath the debris of their own existence. Thus it was not incumbent upon God to render us immortal from the beginning, as immortality at this stage would logically preclude physical growth, an essential component of life in this sphere.

As Lehi perceived, existence demands opposition: light and dark, good and evil, righteousness and holiness in opposition to wickedness and sin, things to act and things to be acted upon, life and death. This is why Jesus was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world (Revelation 13:8). Jesus’ atonement was prepared from the beginning to counteract the effects of physical death – which have been in force from creation’s dawn – and spiritual death, which have ensued since the fall of Adam.

In the calculus of creation, reproductive “life” could not enter the world unless a mechanism for leaving it (“death”) was simultaneously introduced. God ordained that the violation of law would bring “death” – or the “discombobulating” of all things. We see “death” on every hand.  A little sand gets into an engine – and the whole thing falls apart. It “dies”. A little germ gets into the bloodstream and disease and death ensue. Moth and dust doth inevitably corrupt all that attends to this world. By design, corruption is the mechanism by which we leave this world. It is our ticket out of here.

This mortal world is a “meat grinder” into which all humanity is cast. Being subject to the forces and effects of “opposition in all things”, we inevitably get “chewed up” and “spit out” in a process called “death”. None are spared. The innocent sinless and the guilty sinner likewise suffer the pains of death together. And, to some degree or another, we suffer the effects of sin.

We have all fallen into the meat grinder. There is no way out but through. We came here willfully, willingly, even joyfully, understanding that our plight and our pains would be remediated through the Son of God, who would wash away our stains, take away our pains, and absolve us of our sins, after our complete repentance – leaving us with what is left: our cumulative, purified experience, the sum total of our good works, our joyous memories, and the intelligence, power, and perfection we have attained.

We now dwell in mud, literally in tabernacles of clay. We likewise dwell amidst the mire and muck of a fallen world, a world now suffused with sin. We are commanded to come out of her, to “[f]lee out of the midst of [spiritual] Babylon and deliver every man his soul” (Jeremiah 51:6). King Benjamin warned of our nature and our predicament: 
For the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been from the fall of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticing of the Holy Spirit, and putteth off the natural man and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ…[M]en drink damnation to their own souls except they humble themselves and become as little children, and believe that salvation was, and is, and is to come, in and through the atoning blood of Christ, the Lord Omnipotent. (Mosiah 3: 19, 18)
Only by believing in Jesus Christ, by applying His atonement, by trusting in His capacity to forgive all repented sin, and by relying upon His promise of a resurrection from death for all men – in other words, only by exercising faith in “the atoning blood of Christ, the Lord Omnipotent” – can one have the power and motivation to do what is necessary to fully repent of sin and to remain unspotted from the world. (After all, if we know we are going to stand in the flesh again, to be judge of Him, do we dare remain in sin? Do we dare not repent of evil? We do not.)

In this world of sin, we are subject to death and disease, both physical and spiritual. We have obtained physical bodies, to control and use as we please, but these same bodies are (more or less) subject to the influence of other spirits, namely, the Holy Spirit and evil spirits.

In describing the actions of our Savior, King Benjamin told his people that Jesus would “cast out devils, or the evil spirits which dwell in the hearts of the children of men” (Mosiah 3:6).

Thus we know that evil spirits can and do beset us. As the apparently epileptic, we see that these spirits can accost and captivate us for years, even decades. But how are we to be delivered from them, when the disciples of Jesus could not cast them out? As Jesus explained:
“Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting” (Matthew 17:21).
To vanquish certain sins – to overcome certain tenacious, “evil spirits” – requires prayer and fasting. “Fasting” means to “refrain from partaking”. We “fast” when we refrain from doing anything we otherwise might do. We fast when we don’t eat. We fast when we don’t drink. We can fast from smoking. When we refuse to do anything – watch television, view pornography (which is, increasingly, the same thing), swear, cheat, lie, steal, gamble – we are “fasting”. These sins may be overcome by fasting and prayer. These evil spirits may be cast out by fasting and prayer.

The scriptures remind us of a man who cleaned his soul of evil spirits. He removed from his life all inducements to sin. He avoided all the seedy places and alluring entertainments and temptations that erstwhile captivated him. He cleansed his “house” of all evil. Quite frankly, he “starved” his demons, giving them nothing evil to do. 

In those chambers of his mind and heart, where once he entertained demons, he prayed…and filled his life and hands with good works. In time, there was no more room for sin – or devils – for he had filled his “house” with good. The Holy Spirit could dwell there, instead of evil spirits. In time, the man found himself “liberated” of his unholy “guests” (who had become his “captors”). He had made, instead, the Savior and His Holy Spirit his constant companions.

Thus “fasting and prayer” are the means by which we commonly repent and cast out devils. We overcome temptation and addiction by eliminating all evil influences (within our power to do so) and by resorting to prayer (and good works) to fill the void. God will instill us with His Holy Spirit when we have made room for Him, when we have demonstrated our willingness to receive Him. This we do by exercising faith in Christ, faith in His atonement, and in the plan of salvation instituted from the beginning for our benefit, salvation and perfection.

By prayer and fasting from sin, all things are possible to them that (continue to) believe.


I might add here that it is only because of our faith in Jesus Christ -- and His power to deliver us from death and hell (by His atonement, His leadership, etc.) -- that we are willing to cast ourselves, again and again, into this dark pit of mortality (in the likes of which we now find ourselves).

We do this because we have faith in Him that we will emerge from "the other side" -- if not unscathed, then at least further empowered to become like Him -- to have everlasting joy. We are now "climbing this mountain" toward perfection, step by step, peak by peak, worlds without end, through faith in Christ...determined to do so until we reach the top. God be praised! For it is only in Him, by Him, and through Him that we can have everlasting life!

When we stop believing that -- when we stop exercising faith in Him and His power to deliver us from death and hell, when we stop throwing ourselves into the pit -- we stop progressing.

Friday, July 24, 2015

My heart's desire

It is all — and often more than — I can do to keep my wife happy, my kids in shoes and sports, and contend with the general trend toward entropy that is the way of this world. My heart yearns, like Scott Stover’s, for Zion and to be with (and like) our Lord. Yet the Lord has shown me, in countless ways, my weakness. Ruminations about the mysteries of God understandably take a back seat to living the gospel. As my wife recently posted on Facebook: 
My two cents: if one wants to point to Christ, live like he did. Less talking. More doing. Less conferences. More intimate interactions based on service. Less contention. More acceptance and love. Less "woe is me." More "low is me." Michael Jackson sang it well "I'm starting with the man in the mirror." Don't fight for change, BE the change.
John Chase recently shared with some friends a number of excerpts from Denver Snuffer’s blog. (See below.) I have read all of Denver’s posts, but apparently some essential concepts “escaped” me the first time I read them. Maybe I wasn’t ready to “receive” them. 

Maybe I am now. 


Collectivist efforts are never going to work.  FIRST, we must become individually the kind of people whom the Lord can visit.  Then, after that, the gathering together of like-minded people will be a gathering of equals.  It will not be an hierarchical gathering of "leadership" and drones.  There won't be a single drone in Zion.  Everyone will be equal and no one will mind mowing the grass or taking out the garbage.

Everyone faces the identical challenge.  It seems different only because of our individual strengths and weaknesses.  The challenge is adapted to our own personality, capacity and life's history. Therefore, when you are asked to overcome something, it will fit in the framework of your life.

All are asked to make a sacrifice that shows they will not withhold anything from the Lord.  It will come to each person based on what they value and would regret to their core surrendering.  Whatever that is, you will be asked by the Lord to give it to Him.  You must decide to do that when asked.

All are asked to do something that they view as wrong, evil or inappropriate and will seem to be inconsistent with the Lord's mercy, righteousness and perfection.  The request will unmistakably come from Him.  You cannot evade the request because you doubt He is asking.  You will clearly know it is Him who asks, and that to all your understanding it will be wrong to do.  You must do it anyway.

All are asked to take a step in faith beyond where they are at the time.  Trust in Him, and only Him, as you take that step.  You will be certain that if it were something you were undertaking on your own, it could not be accomplished.  But because you are doing as He has asked, you know you will have the strength or support to do as He bids.

All are asked to come to Him without guilt or shame, knowing you have done everything you understand Him to have asked of you.  Without this knowledge, you will not be able to endure what He asks.

All are able to develop the faith to lay hold on eternal life only because they have been led by Him through this process.  When they have the faith sufficient to lay hold on these things, the Lord will declare to them by His own voice, that they have been begotten of Him and have a place with Him in eternity.

This is universally the process.  The specific form each of these will take will vary from person to person because of individual traits.

The request will be difficult, or a sacrifice.

HOWEVER, whether the person recognizes at the moment or only in hindsight that it was required for them to develop the faith necessary for redemption is not universal.  Some know at the time, some only know in hindsight.  What is absolutely universal is that when the test has been passed, the faith exists.  When it does, it will be enough for redemption and the promise of eternal life….

The order of things is established and can be known.  The details of how it unfolds in individual lives will be specific to the individual.  Whether the person realizes the final great test is underway or not will depend on the person.  I did not.  I only came to realize in hindsight what was underway.

To approach Him, you must live as He did.  You must "keep His commandments."  You must love others.  You must live the way He lived.  When you are walking in the same path He walked, you will find that He is walking there still.  He will come alongside you, as you are "in the way" and will open to your understanding all things which He would have you know...  I would remind you that the account of those two disciples is a type of how He appears to those to whom He will minister.  He will see you as you are in the right way, and then join with you.

Again our devotion is to be entirely private. Your inner struggle to come into God's presence should be yours. Private. Personal. Individual. Secret.

The time may come after you have found Him that He will bring you into contact with others. The journey back to Him will be individual, and private.

After you find Him, you will be His. He can do with you as He chooses. When He appears to you in the flesh, He will give you commandments. (2 Nephi 32: 6.) He will teach you doctrine. He will direct what you should do. But that is later. Until then, the journey is private. There is nothing to announce. There should be no notice of your fasting, tithe paying, or praying. There are no notable deeds to be seen of men.

Men should see your washed face and never detect the fasting you are performing for Him alone.

Men should see your comfortable behavior and never appreciate what great things you have put on the altar in sacrifice to Him.

Men should never notice the mighty wrestle you are having with God.

When the wrestle has produced a covenant between you and God, even then the particulars of what you learn, what has been promised, what has been committed into your hands, and the things the Lord and you share should be kept between you and Him.
When He appears He also ministers.  There is also the description of the "sealing" which will qualify those living in our day to become a member of the Church of the Firstborn, which involves an ordinance performed by "angels to whom is given power" and to whom this ministry belongs.  (D&C 77: 11.)

The atonement continues to cover the on-going sins of these redeemed souls which arise from their foolishness, mistakes, errors of comprehension, and the things they don't understand yet. Christ does not require them to do what they don't know is a requirement yet. As the gentle and kind Lord, He will forgive all they do that is wrong, while He reveals through greater light and knowledge a higher path.  As He unfolds to their understanding more light, they can measure their conduct according to that greater light.

As they gain greater truth and light they see things how they really are.  Right and wrong are seen differently. What once was "right" is now wrong as greater light and truth is received.  What was once "wrong" is now seen clearly, without all the errors of understanding held before. 

The spotlessness is because their heart is right. They WANT to please their Lord. They WANT to be like Him. Sin is not tempting because it is contrary to Him whom they love. 


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mark 13:9

A friend of mine, Daryl Brown (I don't recall if we've ever met) wrote something today (which I've quoted below) that resonated with me. Evidently Daryl has shared my sorrows and has borne my grief. His words are my words. I wanted to share them with you.


If you go to church to follow prophets who don't prophecy...
If you go to church to follow seers who don't see...
If you go to church to follow revelators who don't reveal...
If you go to church to follow translators who don't translate...
If you go to church to follow testators who don't testify of their own one-on-one experience with the resurrected Lord...
You might be attending church for the wrong reasons.

If you go to church to follow the Lord who Leads...
If you go to church to worship God...
If you go to church to fellowship with other believers...
If you go to church to bear one another's burdens that they may be light...
If you go to church to mourn with those that mourn...
If you go to church to confess your sins and confess the Lord is God...
You are attending church for the right reasons.

I can tell you from personal experience from the various disciplinary councils I have witnessed (3) and those I have paid attention to in the last 24 months (countless) during this witch hunt...the men leading this inquisition and most of the men sitting on those councils are focusing on the first set of reasons to go to church and could care less about the second set. I have witnessed honest, God-fearing people getting cast out of the faith they honored, sacrificed, spent their whole life sustaining all because they would not express fealty by kissing the ring of the "beloved prophet". 

It is stage 4 cancer that will consume the host. 

You can cry wolf and point at me, but I remain a harmless sheep. The real wolves have replaced the shepherds while the sheep sleep.

So I was ex-ed from the LDS church in March 2015.  [For me, it was April 2014.] I received a letter from my stake president encouraging me to repent and return to full faith and fellowship.  What sin should I repent for?

Should I repent for believing the Book of Mormon is true and abiding the teachings in the book?
Should I repent for believing the teachings of Joseph Smith?
Should I repent for believing that Christ is the author and finisher of my faith and to seek Him and His face is the premier goal of this life?
Should I repent for believing with all my heart the words which the Lord has revealed to me about me and for me?

What is this malignant sin which I should repent for? Please identify what I should repent for since you have stepped into the position to judge me. 

I know this guy who was brought before and judged unfairly by the council. Not only did they kick him out of the church, they had him nailed to a cross and run through with a spear. Are you suggesting that councils are right 100% of the time? Are you suggesting that this guy was not valiant in his testimony and therefore not worthy to stand with the "saints"? 

If so, I want no part of those "saints". 

I would rather be with that guy whose council killed him. I wanna be with that guy.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Pattern of Zion

I had an "epiphany" yesterday (after much soul-searching and seeking for answers, striving to quiet the conflict and rage that so often prevail in the house of Good Will). 

I came upon this solution no small thanks to Log.

In the past, our family has maintained and followed a "chore chart" of sorts. Every able child has been assigned a set of chores, and each has been paid (or not paid) in accordance with his or her performance. This made me (the parent) the "task master", "judge" and "enforcer". And I hated it! My children hated it, too, and they fled from my presence! They often did only the least they could "get away with". They resented being at my beck and call. Sometimes I had to force them to comply with my "demands" just to get the results I wanted. 

Eventually I discovered this was the devil's business. I was filled with his spirit. I didn't like it and I didn't like what my children were becoming.

So we changed.

This morning, in family council, I proposed a new "strategy": our new family "motto" would be "May I help you?"

We all agreed that whenever we saw someone doing anything of service to others (primarily cleaning, mowing, folding, washing, etc.), we would say to them "May I help you?" If they said "yes", we would join them in their labors until the job was done or until the burden was lifted

No running off and avoiding the task (like we sometimes do when we see someone in need on the streets). 

No asking for help either. (Unless you cannot possibly do it yourself. Who wants to be a "slave" to be abused at someone else's beck and call?) 

Nor would there be any more "assigned chores". Only evident "needs" to be filled. "See a need, fill a need!" and "May I help you?" would become our new family slogans. (Next week I'll add "Is there anything else I may do for you?")

This new principle conforms to the Golden Rule. It also establishes characteristics in us that will serve us well, even as we learn to selflessly serve others. I hope these phrases and patterns will become habitual in all of us. Whenever we walk into a room and find someone doing something, may we naturally say to them: "May I help you?" or "May I join you?"

This is family. This is Zion. This is the kingdom of God. This is not that other, Babylonian system of compulsion and coercion. This is as the dews of heaven, distilling without compulsory means.

After we tried our new "arrangement" for about half an hour -- admittedly somewhat imperfectly, because I have devious and stubborn children! -- I explained to them that the system only works if it is participated in on a completely voluntary basis. If someone seeks to coerce another or if too many slack off and leave the burdens to a few, the whole system breaks down. (Don't we see that in the Book of Mormon?) 

This explains why the Lord is so "aloof" at times. He is waiting for us to comply without compulsory means! No compulsion. No coercion. No external control. Just us, acting on our own. No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood if the lessons are to be internalized.

Under this regime, you cannot demand that anyone do anything for you! (You shouldn't even ask for help -- unless you can't do something for yourself.) The closest I come to "demanding" anything today was to say "[such and such] needs to be done". My older children were free either to "volunteer" or not. (Some did and some didn't.) I was pleased with those who did and I was patient with those who didn't. This is the Lord's way. 

I still tell my younger children what to do. (They are not self-actuated yet.) But when I do, I follow that up with "May I help you?" (They liked that a lot! Who doesn't like getting help?)

I can only imagine how children would turn out if we employed from their youth this "Zion"-type leadership by example and volunteerism and not the "Babylonian" forms of compulsion and coercion we're so used to.

If voluntarily followed, this "pattern of Zion" can succeed. People can serve, voluntarily, without remuneration and happily, forever. (Whereas in Babylon, people stop working the moment they stop getting paid.)

If we turn away from helping others -- of volunteering our services freely, willingly -- the angels shall turn away from us, saying "As you judged, so shall you be judged! You turned away from others and withheld your assistance and bounty. Consequently, the portals of heaven shall be shut to you!"

Or they may say to us "As you judged, so shall you be judged! Since you freely gave to others and served willingly, so shall it be given freely to you and you shall be served, even by the King, who is pleased to serve those who follow Him. He will receive you unto Himself!"

May it ever so be with us.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Being like God

Some men (and women) dream about polygamy. They fantasize about having lots of wives and lots of kids (like the ancients) to rule and reign. (I did.) 

Now I have one wife and lots of kids.

And I just want peace and quiet. 

Having lots of kids requires patience. My patience, like my money, disappeared once the kids showed up.

If I could get through just one day -- then maybe a week,! how about a month? -- without ever getting angry, I would be fit for heaven! That's one small step for giant leap for Will kind!

Yesterday I found my youngins (again) jumping onto the (now not-so-new) leather recliner (again), knocking it back into the wall (again), tearing and scuffing it (again) while putting holes in the wall (again). To make matters worse, their action caused the chair to crimp and tear the (once new) $80 Macintosh computer cable that sat on the floor. 

"How many times do I have to tell you?!" I yelled at them.

"What? This has happened before?" they seemed to say as they look at me with those wild, wide-open eyes. "You speak gibberishold man!" they mutter to me in my mind. "You must be going mad!" they say. "We've never done this before!"

Oh. My. Goodness! (Where have you gone?!)

On the same day I asked my oldest son to help me support a board I was cutting for furniture I'm building. The board was carefully prepared, sanded, prepped, clamped and engineered to fine tolerances. It was too long to carefully cut and hold at the same time. 

"I can't hold this board and cut it myself," I told him. "I need your help."

"Why don't you just use the dead-man?" (a roller-type support), he lectured me. 

Clearly, he understood I was asking -- not for physical help but -- for supervision from this 11 year old!

"I tried that," I told him. "It doesn't work. I need you to hold the end of the board so it doesn't fall."

"What if you move the deadman further away?" he conjectured.

"Go ahead and try it," I said. (Ah, that was my mistake!)

I gave him the board to hold while I focused on cutting the other end. He promptly laid the board on the dead-man...and let go. The whole thing crashed to the ground!

I yelled "I said that doesn't work!"

We picked the board up, checked for damage, rechecked the clamps holding the guide bar in place and started cutting again.

To my astonishment, he let it go again and the whole thing promptly crashed to ground!

I flipped out!!

"Dang it! Never mind!" I yelled at him, walking off in a huff, ripping my hearing protectors from my head and throwing them across the garage. The one thing I absolutely didn't want to happen was the exact thing he let happen -- twice! I stormed upstairs and tried to collect and compose myself. I was filled with rage!

How does anyone do this?! How can anyone be such an idiot and/or not get as mad as I do about such things?

That was my yesterday. That is my today. That will be my tomorrow, for every day for me is like my yesterday. Frequently my children respond to our hour-long family scripture study sessions -- about loving one's neighbor, giving to them that ask, being submissive, going the second mile, obeying with exactness (like Ammon) -- by everybody just doing their own thing (same 'ol, same 'ol), leaving everything a mess, just "hanging out" in their own rooms (on their cell phones) and giving excuses rather than making progress!

I'm sick of it. I'm sick and tired of it. I'm sick and tired of being ignored, disobeyed, and disrespected.

Why would anyone ever want this? 

Why would anyone ever want to be we treat God?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Abolishing the 13th Amendment

At the risk of focusing on the wickedness I see around me and not on heaven and the example of Heaven's God, I point the reader to this essay, which touches upon several current developments which trouble and offend. (To substantiate every claim made herein, I could have linked to a hundred such articles and websites, going back to 2008, but I trust the reader is reasonably informed.)

A modern Amalickiah in our midst continues to usurp power and authority by fraud and deceit, gaining the hearts of some by pretending to insure peace and security even as he incites endless wars and instability (both foreign and domestic). Engaging in countless secret embassies with his cohorts (and our enemies), he negotiates to share power and control, even as he beguiles his feckless political opponents into submission that he might more easily destroy and neutralize them. He dissembles and prevaricates, sowing dissention and division, discord and distraction among the people that he might more easily lead them to destruction for his own gain and purposes. He uses the law to defy the law and overthrow the liberty of the people. 

He is a Gadianton robber and a modern-day "king-man", a socialist who envisions himself as an aristocrat, a monarch, if you will, "worthy" and "entitled" to lead the people -- perhaps even the whole world! -- while living off her labors. He does not love this country, but seeks to transform her to further his megalomaniacal, globalist objectives. With his cohorts, he has invited, inspired, enabled and manipulated tens of millions of "Lamanites" to invade our lands and cross our borders. With them, he has taken control of many of our principal cities. He has installed himself with his minions in positions of power to insure that his policies and programs remain in place, depriving citizens of essential protections and freedoms. He is one of many modern anti-Christs and false prophets among us.

Like the Nephites, America is now being overthrown, hollowed out from within.

A "full end of all nations" is underway. I have long recognized that America's borders remain unprotected so that America's modern "ruling class" (progressives, "secret combinations" and modern "king-men" of all stripes and parties) could more easily replace outlawed black slaves with illegal brown ones. (This practice is now being "legalized" and exported globally.) The "end game" is to make slaves of all of us.

Those aware of the "signs of the times" are either gladdened and emboldened by this wickedness or greatly saddened, losing almost all hope. Thus it must be until every nation, kindred, tongue and people come to realize that only Jesus Christ can save us. After much travail and suffering on our part, every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

There is no "military option" that can save us. Even righteous Captain Moroni and mighty General Mormon could not, in the end, rescue a wayward nation from self destruction. Only prophets. (And, sometimes, not even they can successfully inspire people to repent.)

The greatest political lesson of the Book of Mormon is that those formerly enlightened by the gospel who take up arms against their neighbor in wars of aggression are ultimately destroyed thereby. 

Their record has been given to us that we might learn that lesson.

A modern prophet likewise warned and encouraged:
68 And it shall come to pass among the wicked, that every man that will not take his sword against his neighbor must needs flee unto Zion for safety.
69 And there shall be gathered unto it out of every nation under heaven; and it shall be the only people that shall not be at war one with another.
70 And it shall be said among the wicked: Let us not go up to battle against Zion, for the inhabitants of Zion are terrible; wherefore we cannot stand.
71 And it shall come to pass that the righteous shall be gathered out from among all nations, and shall come to Zion, singing with songs of everlasting joy. (D&C 45:68-71.)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Modern Amlicites

In the Book of Mormon, those who opposed the cause of Christians (or the Nephites) marked themselves. Lamanites -- who generally hated Nephites and their religion and often sought to extinguish both -- were "identified" by their darker skins and lifestyles. (Sometimes this "stereotype" reversed.) In my opinion, darker skin tones prevailed as Lehi's descendants interbred with indigenous American populations.

Abraham was inspired to choose for his son, Isaac, a "faithful" wife from among Abraham's own kindred . I imagine the "righteous" descendants of Lehi, likewise, felt inclined -- even commanded -- to wed those who shared their religious values, mores, culture, and genetic heritage; hence, other "Nephites". This tradition persisted, for some, for at least a thousand years.

Those who descended directly (and exclusively) from Nephi (and thus shared lighter skin tones), but who nonetheless dissented from "Nephite" culture, principles and teachings often marked themselves to distinguish themselves from those who yet "believed".

A modern equivalent parallels this ancient trend.