Saturday, November 9, 2019

How to win the drug war

Newt Gingrich recently opined that Mexico is effectively in a state of war with the drug cartels -- and losing badly. President Trump has committed to helping the Mexican government wipe out the cartels completely. However, if he plans to use the same methods and strategies he used to defeat ISIS, he will fail badly.

We have been fighting the "war on drugs" -- with weapons, propaganda, and incarceration -- for nearly 50 years, and nothing tried so far has worked. The drug traffickers have only been emboldened and made stronger, wealthier and more brutal. More Americans are dying now from drugs and more Mexicans are dying from drug-related violence than ever before!

So what to do? Newt Gingrich urges controlling our borders, eliminating sanctuary cities, and more harshly punishing those who profit from dealing illegal drugs here in our own country. All good strategies.

But then he undercuts his whole argument and effort by making this one very stupid assertion:

"Reforming our criminal justice system, which I strongly support, does not mean we have to accept the legalization of heroin, cocaine, fentanyl and other deadly drugs."

Oh, yes, it does!

As long as drugs are highly illegal and highly desirable, there will ALWAYS be a strong market for them. The more difficult drugs are to get, the more expensive they will be to obtain and the more profitable they will be to sell.

Alcohol and cigarettes kill far more people each year in the United States than do illegal drugs. Yet alcohol and cigarettes are legal. We don't have "alcohol lords" and "cigarette lords." Nobody is killing anybody to get a cigarette or to control the alcohol market. Even with high tariffs and taxes, you can buy a week of "good times in a bottle" for the price of a juicy steak in practically any grocery store -- even though a bottle of Jack Daniels, if consumed all at once, would most likely kill an adult and most definitely kill a child.

And, yet, almost any child can walk into any grocery store in California and pull a "killer" $20 bottle of Jack Daniels off the shelf and put it in their mother's grocery cart, or conceal it in their pants...and simply walk out of the store.

It's still illegal for children to buy or use alcohol or cigarettes, or for adults to sell or give them to children. But children end up using these products nonetheless, despite the illegality.

Our laws don't make sense! We punish the wrong things!

Clearly, making something illegal, or even discouraging it with threats of lifetime incarceration or addiction, or death by overdose or execution, is NOT ENOUGH to stop those people who desperately want to do something.

Murder is highly illegal, too, yet highly-motivated people still find a way to murder!

There are two ways to stop the drug trade. One involves a tremendous amount of freedom. The other involves a tremendous loss of freedom. Only one works very well.

Even in federal prisons surrounded by high walls and barbed wire, manned by armed guards with standing orders to "shoot to kill," illegal drugs still get in. They are made, marketed, and consumed -- sometimes by the prisoners themselves, and sometimes even by the jail keepers! On any given day, you can find illegal cell phones, knives, and illicit guns, too, inside prison walls. Clearly, walls and guards are NOT a perfect solution...or even the best one.

What IS necessary and effective is making the manufacturing, marketing and consuming of recreational drugs UNDESIRABLE. People don't need to be forced NOT to do what they DON'T want to do. People DON'T naturally do undesirable things.

Besides, keeping people (and things) behind prison walls is not only ineffective and counterproductive, it is inimical to freedom. A "free" people are not free if they must be locked up behind walls and enchained.

So what's the alternative to tyranny, oppressive regulation, Draconian punishments, and imprisonment? (All these have been tried in the "drug war" without success.)

Quite simply, freedom.

Make ALL drugs legal, but lightly regulated. Do NOT punish the user. (If they have suffered at all, perhaps they have suffered enough already! If they haven't suffered from their drug use, why would YOU make them suffer?) To each his own!

But DO strongly condemn and punish those who harm -- or practically threaten to harm -- others. This can be done quite efficiently and effectively.

First, employ the powers of the Food and Drug Administration to designate FDA-approved and non-approved substances and products. Both would always be legal. But those deemed potentially most harmful would be regulated (much as prescription drugs are regulated now).

So where's the catch? How would people be dissuaded from making, marketing, or using (currently illegal) drugs if they would be legal to make, market and use?

Easy! Hold the manufacturers, marketers, and users of these dangerous substances and products responsible for the damage they do to others. Sic the trial lawyers on them! That will dry up the market and use of these products almost as fast as lawn darts and thalidomide disappeared from American backyards and medicine cabinets.

Barrring negligence and misrepresentation, the law would hold blameless any manufacturer, marketer, or user of FDA-approved products deemed "safe and effective" when used as intended. But non-FDA-approved products and substances would be subject to the full force of the law. You knowingly make, market, or use a substance that is non-FDA-approved (because of its potential to harm or kill someone else)? Then you will be held responsible.

While it would be LEGAL for 7-Eleven to sell heroin on every street corner, no corporation would do it! The legal and financial liabilities would be too great! (Plus they'd kill off their customers.)

Still, there will be some dummies who try. They will soon be tracked down and caught up by the private investigators and profit-seeking litigators, hungry to find "justice" for their clients. Those who traffic in evil -- whether or not it is profitable for them to do so -- will financially and personally be ruined!

But drugs will still be legal. Adults will still be allowed to use them. You will still be able to buy your (FDA-approved) opioids at the local pharmacy (for dirt cheap) or (non-FDA-approved) drugs from the local street vendor (for even cheaper)! You'll even be allowed to make and market them yourself, and share them with your friends and family, even with complete strangers! No one will stop you!

Until you hurt or endanger somebody.

Beware! You will be held accountable for any damage you do to others. The non-FDA-approved manufacturer who makes these products that end up hurting others will be punished. The dad who becomes addicted -- and neglects his children -- will be punished. The woman who runs off the road -- and wipes out a family, or nearly does so, under the influence -- will be punished. The babysitter who offers these substances (illegally) to children will be punished. (It will still be illegal for children to have and use thse products and substances, just as it is now.)

Education is key. Just show the people the consequences of their choices! SHOW THEM the consequences of using these products and substances!

This will not deter everyone. There will ALWAYS be dummies who do stupid and evil things. But making these substances legal will DRIVE DOWN THEIR COST and thus eliminate the profit motive for most people. People will not be willing to kill and steal for what they can make themselves, or get down the road for a few pennies or bucks from some dummy.

There will be lots of fools who will need lots of help whenever freedom is involved. But freedom is a lot cheaper than tyranny, more conducive to happiness, and much easier to manage.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Latter-day Apostate

My former Mormon bishop accuses me of being a latter-day apostate. I have asked him to delineate where I have erred and I await his response.

When I asked the stake president -- at my disciplinary hearing 5 years ago -- what I was accused of, he said "I don't remember." (He had to look back in the notes he had RECEIVED from some higher authority in the church to find out what he was trying me for!)

It boiled down to this: I did not "sustain the Brethren." But I had no qualms with the leadership of the church! I held a valid and current temple recommend.

When asked if I sustained Thomas S. Monson and the other leaders of the church as "prophets, seers and revelators," I said I was willing to CALL them that, but I didn't KNOW if they truly were. God had not revealed that to me. (I did know that some of the leaders had truly been inspired. But I didn't know if any had received a personal commission from Christ that would distinguish them as a true prophet, seer or revelator. I had not witnessed any evidence of such gifts among many of them and, when pressed for evidence, my inquisitors declined to cite any examples they knew of.)

"You're going to excommunicate me because I haven't received a revelation from God?" I asked them.

"Maybe you ought to get that revelation!" they threatened me.

The bottom line is I apparently didn't pledge sufficient obeisance to the hierarchy nor establish my bona fides as a spiritual sycophant of "the Brethren."

I told them I endeavoured to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and if "the Brethren" happened to be going in that same direction, so much the better: I would follow Christ with them!

But they demanded that I do whatever the Brethren said, right or wrong. They promised me that I would be blessed no matter what, if I remained "faithful" -- even if the Brethren taught me falsehoods, or led me astray.

They added, "But the Brethren will NEVER lead you astray."

Of course I knew THAT was a lie. There were MANY historical examples of "the Brethren" doing just that.

The truth is: the Mormon Church wants its membership to study Church history. Just not too much history! And only from "approved" sources.

Otherwise, the membership are bound to lose their "testimonies" -- because the church, like virtually all human organizations, is fraught with weak and failing leaders, false traditions, and fables. Too many have "testimonies" built on sand.

That's not to say Joseph Smith wasn't a prophet, that the Book of Mormon isn't true, or that the restoration of the Gospel was not begun in earnest in 1820 by God Himself.

It just means the Mormon Church isn't true. (It's a nice religion, don't get me wrong. It's just not the "only true church" of Jesus Christ on the earth.)

According to D&C 10:67-68, the church of Jesus Christ consists ONLY of those who repent and come unto Christ. No more, no less. (No "ring kissing" of "the Brethren" required.)

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Incorporation Doctrine

The "incorporation" doctrine -- mandating that the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution (known as the Bill of Rights) are applicable to the states through the Due Process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment -- is a huge mistake. In effect, this doctrine destroys federalism and the Bill of Rights itself, handing over vast control of the entire country to the dictates and whims of a capricious and ungovernable Supreme Court.

Disregarding the hypocrisy of the federal government's judiciary -- which violates the Bill of Rights at nearly every turn -- it was never the framers' intention to proscribe states' rights except with regard to the 18 or so articulated, necessary "privileges" granted to the federal government by the Constitution. With the Bill of Rights, the framers intended to PREVENT the federal government from ever dictating to the states (or the people) in matters of expression, religion, gun control and ownership, even slavery.

At the time of the Constitution's signing, "free and independent" States could punish their citizens for blasphemy; mandate membership in and financial support for a particular religious sect; require that every man own, possess, and muster a "military-grade" firearm; and, of course, allow -- even promote -- the practice of slavery.

NONE of this was deemed "unconstitutional."

The 4th amendment guaranteed that "birds of a feather" could "flock together" and do as they damn well pleased -- unhindered by federal oversight or restriction -- even if that pleasure involved enslaving and subjugating other human beings. (It took several subsequent constitutional amendments -- including a deadly civil war -- to right that wrong.)

But it is a mistake to say that the same limitations imposed on the federal government ought to apply to the states as well.  If States cannot dictate in matters of law and morality, expression, religion, gun ownership, and so forth, in what way are they "free and independent" to do as The People desire?

If The People of a given State, by popular vote, wish to outlaw or legalize marijuana, gambling and prostitution, proscribe or prescribe gay marriage, punish or promote abortion, condone or condemn racially segregated dormitories, classrooms, and "affirmative action" ... how may they do so if they must breathlessly await and comply with the "final say" of a pretentiously assertive, ever meddling, highly politicized and morally dubious Supreme Court? How, then, is federalism exercised if every state must be and do the same?

If, let's say, I don't like the current leftist regime of California (and I don't), I can vote with my feet (as I have!) and move to another state governed by a people more "attuned" to my personal values and predilections. (Hello, Florida!)

"Utopia" (or heaven), by necessity, REQUIRES exercising discrimination against (or conversion of) the lawless, indigent, lazy and misguided; schemers, scammers, liars and perverts; the filthy and degenerate. It REQUIRES freedom OF association ... and freedom FROM association. It REQUIRES the freedom to practice one's religion... and to exclude those who don't.

We, The People, CANNOT be "diverse" AND "equal."

To be "free and independent" means everyone is safe ... because everyone is armed.

In Utopia (or heaven) no one is "free" to exercise unwanted, unreciprocated power or influence over another.

The current lack of federalism in this country is, itself, a form of tyranny. Government of, by, and for The People cannot exist if we are not able to govern ourselves.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Not one stone left

There was a time when I was PROUD of being Mormon, GRATEFUL for the LDS Church, PEACEFUL believing that God was in control and that the Church had EVERYTHING I needed to be "saved." I felt SAFE and SECURE in the "fold": spiritually, physically, socially and financially. I would ALWAYS be a Mormon, I thought. A member of the kingdom of God on earth! A true follower of Jesus Christ.

I was deceived.

I was no more "safe" than a shopper at Downtown Disney! I was no more securely a member of the kingdom of God on earth than I possessed a lifetime passport to the "Magic Kingdom."

Once "management" of the Mormon Church determined I wasn't "buying" EVERYTHING they were "selling," they labeled me a "threat" to the "business" and the "brand," accusing me of "disturbing" their other "customers" by encouraging them NOT to buy all the "merchandise." They said I was no longer welcome in ANY of their "stores" and I was BANISHED from ALL Mormon properties WORLDWIDE. (Seriously.) They gave me a letter warning me NOT to return to the church, under threat of arrest for "trespassing." (I'm not making that up.)

Since then, they've made no effort to "reclaim" me. The Donald has his "deplorables." The Mormons have their "undesirables" and "irredeemables." I am now one of them.

So, technically, I broke the "rules" yesterday when I showed up at magnificent Mormon Church-owned City Creek Mall -- let alone Temple Square -- to introduce my partner to how "magnificent" the Mormons really are. (And, yes, they really are, by and large, magnificent and, yes, they still show videos on Temple Square calling themselves "Mormons.")

Fortunately for us, none of the Church's missionaries, tour guides, or employees recognized me for who I am or knew how "evil" I have become. Instead, they treated me like a saint! I walked among them again as one of the "faithful" and, sadly, reminisced about what I once thought I had. (I felt nothing but appreciation and pity for these fine people. For decades I was honored to serve with and among them.)

Mormons take GREAT pride in their facilities and Church membership. Their "workmanship of men's hands" and their "works" are truly amazing! Hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars have been spent making Mormons and the Mormon Church what they are today.

Their beautiful temples, chaples, tabernacles, and conference centers, choirs, campuses, storehouses, factories, farms, and welfare programs, museums, libraries, humanitarian efforts, ecumenical alliances, political clout, financial acumen, business investments, Church leadership, and MANY accomplishments are all standouts. As a people, Mormons have MUCH to be proud of. "Mormonism" is a substantial, highly "polished," and SUCCESSFUL religion and enterprise (as far as this world is concerned). It is as beautiful and inviting and "real" as Disneyland.

And just as well run.

Even as Walt Disney brought "magic" to the Magic Kingdom, Joseph Smith brought true prophetic gifts to "Mormonism" from the kingdom of God. With their passing from mortality, each of these men left shoes no one else was able to fill. There was no replacing Walt. There was no replacing Joseph.

The Disney organization now continues (falteringly) to build on Walt's foundations. They are no longer a "family friendly," virtue-oriented enterprise, but one wholly devoted to merchandizing and seeking the greatest bottom line. (By contrast, Walt's main concern was just making people happy.) Disney now has become a major marketer of evil, DESTROYING Walt's legacy in pursuit of greater profits.

And Mormonism today? It's NOTHING like what Joseph Smith decreed or bequeathed to the Church and world. It has become, by and large, a corporation which measures "success" by worldly standards:  numbers and figures --  baptisms performed and temples constructed, sacrament meeting and temple attendence, tithing receipts, business profits --  and the gain and praise of the world.

In other words: mammon.

Modern Mormons seek all the "good" -- and goods -- THIS world has to offer.

They used to say "Be in the world, but not of the world."

Today Mormons are VERY much "of" the world. Just look at the stores in their Salt Lake City mall : Rolex, Tiffany's, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss. I didn't even bother to walk in! Who has THAT kind of money? ("Enough" Mormons, apparently.)

They've come a long way from their muddy dugouts in the desert and bloody footprints in the snow.

Today Mormons are the most "glorious" example of a "worldly" kingdom of God on earth that I can imagine! Mormon temples dot the land! Gleaming chapels stand seemingly on every corner! Mormons are in possession of power and influence. They are captains of industry, CEOs, members of the U.S. House and Senate, even presidential cadidates. There are MILLIONS of current Mormons, including MANY "happy" families. (Mine was one of them.)

If Mormonism ISN'T the kingdom of God on earth, what is?

But Jesus said: "My kingdom is NOT of this world."

The divine faith, powers and gifts now extolled, portrayed, and proclaimed by Mormon missionaries, scriptures, sermons, and artwork are seldom, if ever, seen or manifest among the "faithful" membership. Mormon "power in the priesthood" is as real as the "magic" at Disneyland.

You can have anything in this world for money.

One WEEPS for what has been lost!

After this year, this magnificent Mormon Temple in beautiful downtown Salt Lake City is closing, I'm told, for the next four years -- for renovation. They are expanding it and making it "earthquake proof."

God laughs at such folly.

The Mormons today, like Jews of old, LOVE their temples! They glory in their supposed prophets, scriptures, powers and authority, rites and rituals, status, customs, traditions, history, accomplishments, and comandments of men.

I am no prophet, but I will be amazed if that temple is NOT slated for COMPLETE destruction by the Almighty, as surely as was Herod's temple: the one Jesus called "my Father's house."

I suspect, like then, NOT ONE STONE will be left upon another. It will ALL be leveled to the earth and taken away.

And what will Mormons do then? What will they say? When EVERYTHING they love, trust in, rely upon, and work for is lost?

Who among them will then have faith in Jesus?

I guess we'll see.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

USA not a nation

Allen Mendenhall explains why the United States is not a nation.

"[T]he United States is not, and has never been, a nation. The founding generation referred to the United States as a plural noun (i.e., “these United States”) because several sovereigns fell under that designation. St. George Tucker called the United States a “federal compact” consisting of “several sovereign and independent states.” If his view seems unrecognizable today, it is because nationalism within the United States is dying or dead—and the United States killed it.

The United States of America in the singular is a country, not a nation. It contains nations within it, but does not itself constitute a nation. Nations involve solidarity among people who share a common culture, language, customs, mores, ethnicity, and history. A country, by contrast, involves political arrangements and governmental territories and boundaries.

From its inception, the United States has been characterized by faction and sectionalism, cultural clashes, and competing narratives — between Indian tribes in what is now Florida and California, Wyoming and Maine, Georgia and Michigan; between the British and French and Spanish and Dutch; between Protestants and Catholics and English Dissenters and nonconformists and splintering denominations; between the Calvinism of Cotton Mather and the Enlightenment rationalism that influenced Franklin and Jefferson. The United States has experienced, as well, numerous separatist movements, including, most notably, the secession of the states that made up the Confederate States of America.

The United States is not a nation."

Read the whole thing.

It brings me comfort to know that we are NOT -- and never have been -- "one nation under God indivisible." Uttering that phrase was, at best, an expression of hope and, at worst, a lie: a vain attempt to suppress the painful reality of cognitive dissonance. We are no more "one nation" today than black is white, gay is straight, rich is poor, Democrat is Republican, or pro-life is pro-choice.

America began as a collection of free and independent states -- many "nations -- federally united NOT to abolish their differences, but to provide for their common defense and promote their general welfare.

Initially, "diversity" was our strength! A people united by common language, law, customs, culture, traditions, history, values, DNA, and religion is a nation indeed!

But what are "Americans" today? Because we are "everybody," we are "nobody."

America's breakup is as certain as its unity was fiction.

It's time for Americans to return to being "somebody" again.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Death to America!

I wasn't a dishwasher, so I didn't care if that job was filled by an illegal immigrant. (In fact, I liked paying a little less for my meals at restaurants!)

I wasn't a gardener, so I didn't care if my lawn was mowed by an illegal immigrant. (In fact, I liked paying almost nothing, rather than do it myself.)

I didn't stock shelves for a living, so I didn't care if the night crew at the local Walmart couldn't speak English (so long as they kept the prices down).

I didn't own a "mom and pop" store, so I didn't care if Walmart -- hiring droves of illegal workers with stolen or fraudulent IDs -- put other retailers out of business.

I didn't drive a truck for a living, so I didn't care if trucking companies hired unqualified drivers of every ethnicity and background, willing to work for slave wages while living out of their trucks. (I liked getting my Amazon packages shipped  for almost nothing!)

So what if unscrupulous contractors hire illegal labor under the table? How does that affect me?

Well, I'll tell you.

Those workers lower the salaries of everyone else in that industry, driving "good" paying jobs from the market.

The "costs" of low-skilled labor are not always evident.  In a welfare state like ours, the social costs of caring for the poor are shifted onto the backs of those who pay the taxes. Yet the poor seldom, if ever, pay "their fair share" of taxes. On the contrary, they tend to fill up our classrooms, emergency rooms, and prisons -- and avail themselves more of public services -- than the general population.

The "rich" in America tend to receive very little in proportion to what they pay in taxes, while the American middle class is scavenged of its earning ability and savings. The American middle class is now shrinking, precisely for thar reason.

My present home was built by crews of mostly illegal, unskilled laborers working for a contractor "under the table" for substandard wages. It is riddled with flaws! Wiring that doesn't work. Pipes that are not insulated and subject to breaking. Framing members that are broken or missing. Windows that leak. Insulation that is inadequate. Fixtures that are installed improperly. Shoddy work, overall.

But my house wasn't cheap! It cost me a small fortune! The unscrupulous contractor who hired this illegal, low-skilled labor made a killing, while I now suffer the consequences.

The same is true for the overall American economy. Global businesses made fortunes selling cheap, substandard goods to Americans, driving American producers out of business and rendering middle-class American workers unemployed.

We didn't care when it was the gardener or the dishwasher who was "replaced" by the illegal foreign worker. We didn't care when all the construction jobs were taken over by foreign, illegal labor. (Our kids were going to college, not get their hands dirty!)

But then OUR job was "outsourced" to the some global corporation. My information technology job -- that I paid a small fortune for and that used to pay me a decent income -- was given to some barely- English-speaking foreigner on an H-1B visa, willing to work for a third of my salary. And I had the "privilege" of training him before I was let go!

My kids don't speak Spanish, aren't Muslim, or from Somalia, so they cant find a job in the local community, now comprised mostly of immigrants. So my kids have to move away now to find work elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the "newcomers" are doing "crazy" things -- like the current Somali-born U.S. congresswoman from Minnesota, who married her brother! -- to qualify for U.S residency and obtain welfare benefits! They also have -- or claim to have -- lots of kids, so they receive tax credits -- even though they don't work or pay taxes -- giving them tens of thousands more dollars each year in "refunds" -- paid by those who ACTUALLY work and DO pay taxes.

The illegal alien who stocks the shelves eventually becomes the store manager -- and hires more illegal aliens. The citizen who once held that managerial job is then "retired" or fired. And that job is forever "lost" to the American middle class.

That refugee from Somalia, who becomes a congresswoman, invites more refugees from Somalia. That Mexican-American official becomes a de facto ambassador for Mexico, opensing the floodgates to greater immigration from Mexico, "replaceing" the current electorate with one more to his liking, culture, and ethnicity

Eventually, there is no "middle class" or "America" left. Just rich and poor, like in Mexico.

This is what happens when a government does not protect its borders, enforce its laws, or look out for its own people.

This is why America is dead.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Not [same-sex] marriage

A new friend of mine recently quipped: "I'll respect your right to [conceal] carry when you respect my right to [gay] marry."

Very clever!

But the absolute right to keep and bear arms is expressly delineated in our nation's Bill of Rights, whereas so-called "same-sex marriage" is not.

This was no oversight or calculated political compromise made by our nation's founders.

Homosexuality is, manifestly, a psychosexual disorder and a reproductive dysfunction, the consequences of which would lead to the mass extermination of our race in one generation, if experienced and practiced by all.

Fortunately, that is NOT (at the moment) an eminent threat or possibility, inasmuch as homosexuality appears to be not so much a choice but a condition -- on par with any other biological disorder or condition, like alcoholism.

It bears noting that, while people may be born with an inherited predisposition to alcoholism, alcoholism is NOT a predetermined outcome (like race or sex), but a condition SUBJECT TO BEHAVIOR AND CHOICE.

Unlike sexual behavior, we do NOT naturally choose our skin tone or genitalia. Accommodations must, therefore, be made.

But the demand for accommodations does NOT dictate we must grant "equivalency" status to disorders and dysfunctions! We cannot and we MUST not guarantee "equal" outcomes  to unequal inputs! (Any more than we can or should guarantee "equal" pay for unequal work.)

Men doing with men (or women doing with women) what men and women naturally do together NEVER yields the same result: babies! Consequently, these activities are NOT equal. "Same-sex marriage" is no more ACTUAL marriage than the Paralympics is the Olympics.

Our imminently wise and experienced forefathers acknowledged the God-given, universal right to self defense. They would have decried -- universally! -- however, any assertion that men and women have the "right" to marry whomever they choose.

As consenting adults, do we have the "right" to marry our parents? Siblings? Children? Is it even debatable that marrying someone of the SAME sex is EVEN MORE disordered and dysfunctional than marrying a biological relation of the OPPOSITE sex?

The laws of nature and of nature's God with respect to marriage have not changed since the serpent offered forbidden fruit to Eve.

Those who would change them now are making the same offer.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Propertarianism. A new word. Get used to it. Let it roll around in your mouth a bit. Say it out loud slowly.


Now what does this word make you think of? Proper? Property?


Propertarianism is the political and social ideology our nation's founders well understood, but took for granted, when they wrote our constitution.

Propertarianism restores and enshrines that ideology in law, safeguarding the proper  administration of government and protecting personal and public property of all kinds -- something our current form of government is incapable of.

Propertarianism uniquely has the power to restore and ensure freedom, security and prosperity for all who embrace it.

Short of converting the nation to Christianity and being governed by Jesus Himself, propertarianism is the solution to what ails U.S..

Our fathers sought to give us the best form of government possible: a self-governing republic. They wrote a constitution, replete with checks and balances, designed for a moral and religious people. The safeguards they put in place were intended to secure the blessings of liberty to themselves and their posterity.

But the founders never imagined the moral depravity and blatant dishonesty of the modern Left. They couldn't foresee, especially with free elections and the Second Amendment, that the American people would ever allow themselves to be overthrown from within.

But we have been!

As we now see, our elected leaders are incentivised to lie to us. Rather than strive to represent us, they seek to replace us! The framework our founders bequeathed to us is insufficient to govern those who are neither moral nor God-fearing, who tell lies without conscience or repercussions. (And that pretty well covers almost all who are now in charge, or who seek to be.)

Unless the moral and God-fearing rise up NOW and embrace the principles of propertarianism, freedom, security and prosperity for all of us, as we know it, will be extinguished.

One does not need to be religious, or even believe in a deity, to practice propertarianism. But one does need to tell the truth. And the implementation of propertarianism is the means by which truth will be restored to make us free, prosperous, united and at peace once again.

I urge you to watch this video. It is the most important video I have ever watched on the internet. It is the only real, practical solution to our nation's  problems -- short of civil war and killing or converting all who would take from others life, liberty, property, or the possibility of happiness for their own short-term, personal gain.

Watch the video!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Beginning of the End

Friends, let's face it: America is toast. We have been betrayed by our president! In the words of Ann Coulter, he has ""f-ed over his base."

Surrounded by idiots and crooks, at every level of government -- in his Cabinet, in Congress, on the Courts, in the Department of Justice, the FBI, CIA and other government agencies -- President Trump has signed a bill that effectively undoes EVERYTHING he promised to do! It renders our current immigration laws unenforceable and completing "The Wall" impossible.

He should have declared a national emergency, BUILT THE WALL, and vetoed the bill. (But he didn't.) He shouldn't have allowed the criminals in Congress to railroad him! (But he did!)

The Democrats ram their policies through Congress and the Courts -- overriding the will of the American people -- whenever they're in power AND EVEN WHEN THEY'RE NOT! They lie and cheat and steal at every turn! And the Republicans do NOTHING! They sit on their hands!

That's because the Democrats and Republicans are ONE UNI-PARTY: a cabal of criminals and corruption. America is infected by and infested with them!

America no longer has a functioning constitutional government. We no longer are a republic, but a mob ruled by thugs. Those "in charge" are incompetent! They refuse even to pass a balanced budget, but continue to run our government on credit. They're running US into the ground!

These "leaders" no longer obey or represent US, but pander to the interests of global bankers, businesses, and bureaucrats. They are "paid off" petty thieves and "hit men" for the great cartel. They are bribed with power, perks, and prestige and use our military, our courts, and our classrooms to do their dirty work.

These robbers have taken over the national store. They man the cash registers and pretend to be employees, while tying up and gagging the owners, holding US hostage while stripping US of our freedoms, dignity and
 fruits of our labors!

We call the cops! But when the police arrive, they, too, are "in" on the crime! They cover up for the robbers and start handing out "freebies" from the store -- to anyone who walks through the unguarded door, encouraging them to look the other way and keep the robbers in charge.

No business can operate this way! Eventually the shelves are empty and the owners are broke, out of business, or dead. We are broke! 22 trillion dollars broke!

Soon America will be "out of business."

In less than 10 years, I suppose, tens of millions of Americans will lose (or leave) their jobs -- replaced by robots and peasants. The rich are going to COMPLETELY detach from the poor. And this country will fracture into chaos as America defaults on its debts and breaks its promises -- to America's creditors and her own people.

Unless Americans RISE UP and SWEEP THESE CRIMINALS FROM POWER, a curse will fall upon this land! Atom bombs will rain down upon our principal cities! Armies will invade! Our banks will collapse and our crops will fail! The people of this once-great nation will suffer the consequences of their foolishness and wickedness!

Americans will come to understand, by their sufferings, what they had and what they threw away.