Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Not [same-sex] marriage

A new friend of mine recently quipped: "I'll respect your right to [conceal] carry when you respect my right to [gay] marry."

Very clever!

But the absolute right to keep and bear arms is expressly delineated in our nation's Bill of Rights, whereas so-called "same-sex marriage" is not.

This was no oversight or calculated political compromise made by our nation's founders.

Homosexuality is, manifestly, a psychosexual disorder and a reproductive dysfunction, the consequences of which would lead to the mass extermination of our race in one generation, if experienced and practiced by all.

Fortunately, that is NOT (at the moment) an eminent threat or possibility, inasmuch as homosexuality appears to be not so much a choice but a condition -- on par with any other biological disorder or condition, like alcoholism.

It bears noting that, while people may be born with an inherited predisposition to alcoholism, alcoholism is NOT a predetermined outcome (like race or sex), but a condition SUBJECT TO BEHAVIOR AND CHOICE.

Unlike sexual behavior, we do NOT naturally choose our skin tone or genitalia. Accommodations must, therefore, be made.

But the demand for accommodations does NOT dictate we must grant "equivalency" status to disorders and dysfunctions! We cannot and we MUST not guarantee "equal" outcomes  to unequal inputs! (Any more than we can or should guarantee "equal" pay for unequal work.)

Men doing with men (or women doing with women) what men and women naturally do together NEVER yields the same result: babies! Consequently, these activities are NOT equal. "Same-sex marriage" is no more ACTUAL marriage than the Paralympics is the Olympics.

Our imminently wise and experienced forefathers acknowledged the God-given, universal right to self defense. They would have decried -- universally! -- however, any assertion that men and women have the "right" to marry whomever they choose.

As consenting adults, do we have the "right" to marry our parents? Siblings? Children? Is it even debatable that marrying someone of the SAME sex is EVEN MORE disordered and dysfunctional than marrying a biological relation of the OPPOSITE sex?

The laws of nature and of nature's God with respect to marriage have not changed since the serpent offered forbidden fruit to Eve.

Those who would change them now are making the same offer.

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