Thursday, May 16, 2019

Death to America!

I wasn't a dishwasher, so I didn't care if that job was filled by an illegal immigrant. (In fact, I liked paying a little less for my meals at restaurants!)

I wasn't a gardener, so I didn't care if my lawn was mowed by an illegal immigrant. (In fact, I liked paying almost nothing, rather than do it myself.)

I didn't stock shelves for a living, so I didn't care if the night crew at the local Walmart couldn't speak English (so long as they kept the prices down).

I didn't own a "mom and pop" store, so I didn't care if Walmart -- hiring droves of illegal workers with stolen or fraudulent IDs -- put other retailers out of business.

I didn't drive a truck for a living, so I didn't care if trucking companies hired unqualified drivers of every ethnicity and background, willing to work for slave wages while living out of their trucks. (I liked getting my Amazon packages shipped  for almost nothing!)

So what if unscrupulous contractors hire illegal labor under the table? How does that affect me?

Well, I'll tell you.

Those workers lower the salaries of everyone else in that industry, driving "good" paying jobs from the market.

The "costs" of low-skilled labor are not always evident.  In a welfare state like ours, the social costs of caring for the poor are shifted onto the backs of those who pay the taxes. Yet the poor seldom, if ever, pay "their fair share" of taxes. On the contrary, they tend to fill up our classrooms, emergency rooms, and prisons -- and avail themselves more of public services -- than the general population.

The "rich" in America tend to receive very little in proportion to what they pay in taxes, while the American middle class is scavenged of its earning ability and savings. The American middle class is now shrinking, precisely for thar reason.

My present home was built by crews of mostly illegal, unskilled laborers working for a contractor "under the table" for substandard wages. It is riddled with flaws! Wiring that doesn't work. Pipes that are not insulated and subject to breaking. Framing members that are broken or missing. Windows that leak. Insulation that is inadequate. Fixtures that are installed improperly. Shoddy work, overall.

But my house wasn't cheap! It cost me a small fortune! The unscrupulous contractor who hired this illegal, low-skilled labor made a killing, while I now suffer the consequences.

The same is true for the overall American economy. Global businesses made fortunes selling cheap, substandard goods to Americans, driving American producers out of business and rendering middle-class American workers unemployed.

We didn't care when it was the gardener or the dishwasher who was "replaced" by the illegal foreign worker. We didn't care when all the construction jobs were taken over by foreign, illegal labor. (Our kids were going to college, not get their hands dirty!)

But then OUR job was "outsourced" to the some global corporation. My information technology job -- that I paid a small fortune for and that used to pay me a decent income -- was given to some barely- English-speaking foreigner on an H-1B visa, willing to work for a third of my salary. And I had the "privilege" of training him before I was let go!

My kids don't speak Spanish, aren't Muslim, or from Somalia, so they cant find a job in the local community, now comprised mostly of immigrants. So my kids have to move away now to find work elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the "newcomers" are doing "crazy" things -- like the current Somali-born U.S. congresswoman from Minnesota, who married her brother! -- to qualify for U.S residency and obtain welfare benefits! They also have -- or claim to have -- lots of kids, so they receive tax credits -- even though they don't work or pay taxes -- giving them tens of thousands more dollars each year in "refunds" -- paid by those who ACTUALLY work and DO pay taxes.

The illegal alien who stocks the shelves eventually becomes the store manager -- and hires more illegal aliens. The citizen who once held that managerial job is then "retired" or fired. And that job is forever "lost" to the American middle class.

That refugee from Somalia, who becomes a congresswoman, invites more refugees from Somalia. That Mexican-American official becomes a de facto ambassador for Mexico, opensing the floodgates to greater immigration from Mexico, "replaceing" the current electorate with one more to his liking, culture, and ethnicity

Eventually, there is no "middle class" or "America" left. Just rich and poor, like in Mexico.

This is what happens when a government does not protect its borders, enforce its laws, or look out for its own people.

This is why America is dead.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Not [same-sex] marriage

A new friend of mine recently quipped: "I'll respect your right to [conceal] carry when you respect my right to [gay] marry."

Very clever!

But the absolute right to keep and bear arms is expressly delineated in our nation's Bill of Rights, whereas so-called "same-sex marriage" is not.

This was no oversight or calculated political compromise made by our nation's founders.

Homosexuality is, manifestly, a psychosexual disorder and a reproductive dysfunction, the consequences of which would lead to the mass extermination of our race in one generation, if experienced and practiced by all.

Fortunately, that is NOT (at the moment) an eminent threat or possibility, inasmuch as homosexuality appears to be not so much a choice but a condition -- on par with any other biological disorder or condition, like alcoholism.

It bears noting that, while people may be born with an inherited predisposition to alcoholism, alcoholism is NOT a predetermined outcome (like race or sex), but a condition SUBJECT TO BEHAVIOR AND CHOICE.

Unlike sexual behavior, we do NOT naturally choose our skin tone or genitalia. Accommodations must, therefore, be made.

But the demand for accommodations does NOT dictate we must grant "equivalency" status to disorders and dysfunctions! We cannot and we MUST not guarantee "equal" outcomes  to unequal inputs! (Any more than we can or should guarantee "equal" pay for unequal work.)

Men doing with men (or women doing with women) what men and women naturally do together NEVER yields the same result: babies! Consequently, these activities are NOT equal. "Same-sex marriage" is no more ACTUAL marriage than the Paralympics is the Olympics.

Our imminently wise and experienced forefathers acknowledged the God-given, universal right to self defense. They would have decried -- universally! -- however, any assertion that men and women have the "right" to marry whomever they choose.

As consenting adults, do we have the "right" to marry our parents? Siblings? Children? Is it even debatable that marrying someone of the SAME sex is EVEN MORE disordered and dysfunctional than marrying a biological relation of the OPPOSITE sex?

The laws of nature and of nature's God with respect to marriage have not changed since the serpent offered forbidden fruit to Eve.

Those who would change them now are making the same offer.