Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Beginning of the End

Friends, let's face it: America is toast. We have been betrayed by our president! In the words of Ann Coulter, he has ""f-ed over his base."

Surrounded by idiots and crooks, at every level of government -- in his Cabinet, in Congress, on the Courts, in the Department of Justice, the FBI, CIA and other government agencies -- President Trump has signed a bill that effectively undoes EVERYTHING he promised to do! It renders our current immigration laws unenforceable and completing "The Wall" impossible.

He should have declared a national emergency, BUILT THE WALL, and vetoed the bill. (But he didn't.) He shouldn't have allowed the criminals in Congress to railroad him! (But he did!)

The Democrats ram their policies through Congress and the Courts -- overriding the will of the American people -- whenever they're in power AND EVEN WHEN THEY'RE NOT! They lie and cheat and steal at every turn! And the Republicans do NOTHING! They sit on their hands!

That's because the Democrats and Republicans are ONE UNI-PARTY: a cabal of criminals and corruption. America is infected by and infested with them!

America no longer has a functioning constitutional government. We no longer are a republic, but a mob ruled by thugs. Those "in charge" are incompetent! They refuse even to pass a balanced budget, but continue to run our government on credit. They're running US into the ground!

These "leaders" no longer obey or represent US, but pander to the interests of global bankers, businesses, and bureaucrats. They are "paid off" petty thieves and "hit men" for the great cartel. They are bribed with power, perks, and prestige and use our military, our courts, and our classrooms to do their dirty work.

These robbers have taken over the national store. They man the cash registers and pretend to be employees, while tying up and gagging the owners, holding US hostage while stripping US of our freedoms, dignity and
 fruits of our labors!

We call the cops! But when the police arrive, they, too, are "in" on the crime! They cover up for the robbers and start handing out "freebies" from the store -- to anyone who walks through the unguarded door, encouraging them to look the other way and keep the robbers in charge.

No business can operate this way! Eventually the shelves are empty and the owners are broke, out of business, or dead. We are broke! 22 trillion dollars broke!

Soon America will be "out of business."

In less than 10 years, I suppose, tens of millions of Americans will lose (or leave) their jobs -- replaced by robots and peasants. The rich are going to COMPLETELY detach from the poor. And this country will fracture into chaos as America defaults on its debts and breaks its promises -- to America's creditors and her own people.

Unless Americans RISE UP and SWEEP THESE CRIMINALS FROM POWER, a curse will fall upon this land! Atom bombs will rain down upon our principal cities! Armies will invade! Our banks will collapse and our crops will fail! The people of this once-great nation will suffer the consequences of their foolishness and wickedness!

Americans will come to understand, by their sufferings, what they had and what they threw away.