Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tragic News

Once an object of serious worship.
After eating at Red Robin several times recently, ordering the same – always loved! – meal, but pushing myself away from the table surprisingly dissatisfied, I finally realized (this morning) why the Prime Chophouse Burger no longer tastes “GREAT!” I suspect they've changed the formula! They've taken out (most of) the horseradish! They also don't put the onion ring on the inside anymore. The size is smaller. And the onion-seasoned bun is now more like a greasy roll.

Now it's just another bland “gourmet” burger...not the spicy explosion of succulence it once was! Certainly not worth the $10.49 they charge for it. (Believe me, before the changes, that burger was something to die for!) They've raised the price of a “bottomless” root beer float, too – by over a buck! -- to $4.49!

So now an “augmented” burger and drink cost $15? (Pushing $20, after tax and tip?)

That's ridiculous!

I guess I won't be eating at Red Robin much anymore.

I've lost my faith.