Monday, December 25, 2017


The great high priest who excommunicated me from the LDS Church in 2014, blowing up my family, is now divorced, released from his calling.

I deeply sorrow for his family. (I would not wish that agony on anyone!)

How can those who so blithely impose such loss and suffering on others hope to escape the same fate?

Monday, December 18, 2017

The Lord's TRUE Guide and Standard

I was not in Boise or privy to the Conference of Christ held last summer. I did not participate with those who entered into a covenant there and then (offered by Denver Snuffer, acting as "voice"). I have been largely absent from any and all discussions regarding the same and lately I have remained ignorant of most of the proceedings pertinent to that "movement," its proposed "guide and standard," (GS) "governing principles," (GP) etc. (I have been attending to other things.)
Yet I consider myself an "active" member of that "group" commonly called "the remnant," having submitted myself for rebaptism, having my name recorded, striving to take the Holy Spirit for my Guide, keeping the Lord's commandments to the best of my ability, etc., exercising faith in Him alone who is mighty to save, relying wholeheartedly upon His grace and forgiveness.
I consider myself "in league" with Denver Snuffer, Rob Smith, Jared Livesey ("Log"), Rock WatermanTim MaloneScott Stover and many others. These are not just my friends. They are my "brethren" and extended "family." I love them and feel myself "united" with them by the bonds of charity and our mutual faith. It cannot be overstated how much I cherish their company.
If it can be tolerated and accepted, I SUPPORT the efforts of Denver Snuffer, Rob Smith, and Jared Livesey.
However, I join with Jared in saying I DO NOT AGREE regarding what others have done regarding the GS and GP. I SUPPORT what Jared has proposed to be the GS and GP for us to follow. (Jared has mostly quoted the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.) By so doing, we follow, honor and obey Jesus Christ, our Eternal God, and none other (as it should be).
I have been inspired and uplifted by the efforts and words of Denver, Rob and Jared. (They are NOT mutually exclusive.) I believe the Lord has commanded Denver to undertake this latest effort for the very purpose of trying our souls, giving us experience and seeing what we could and would do: whether we would turn to Him (the Lord) or gravitate toward any other (fool or dumb idol).
I particularly LOVE the idea put forth by Scott Stover and Jared Livesey: that we invite each participant to WRITE THEIR OWN GOVERNING PRINCIPLES, then compare them from time to time. In time, those guided by the Holy Spirit will come to agreement and adopt the same words. They will be one fold and have one Shepherd, hearing ONE voice.
I believe Rob Smith would say: "None of this is necessary. Let each man come to God himself and let the angels sort it out!" I believe the Lord has assisted Rob in fulfilling his ministry.
I believe Denver would say: "As all have not faith to come unto Christ separately, let us do it together, if we can...and here's how we might!" I believe the Lord has assisted Denver in fulfilling his ministry.
I believe Jared would say: "I believe Denver has been sent by God, but I don't think those who regard him as a prophet understand what that means. We must avoid committing the same sins and errors of the past." I believe the Lord has assisted Jared in fulfilling his ministry.
I particularly encourage ALL who affiliate with this group, "the remnant," to read Jared's blog posts of late, beginning with October, 2017, reading to the present. I believe his focus and admonitions to be inspired of the Holy Ghost and the clearest words of the Lord extant on the subject.