Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Propertarianism. A new word. Get used to it. Let it roll around in your mouth a bit. Say it out loud slowly.


Now what does this word make you think of? Proper? Property?


Propertarianism is the political and social ideology our nation's founders well understood, but took for granted, when they wrote our constitution.

Propertarianism restores and enshrines that ideology in law, safeguarding the proper  administration of government and protecting personal and public property of all kinds -- something our current form of government is incapable of.

Propertarianism uniquely has the power to restore and ensure freedom, security and prosperity for all who embrace it.

Short of converting the nation to Christianity and being governed by Jesus Himself, propertarianism is the solution to what ails U.S..

Our fathers sought to give us the best form of government possible: a self-governing republic. They wrote a constitution, replete with checks and balances, designed for a moral and religious people. The safeguards they put in place were intended to secure the blessings of liberty to themselves and their posterity.

But the founders never imagined the moral depravity and blatant dishonesty of the modern Left. They couldn't foresee, especially with free elections and the Second Amendment, that the American people would ever allow themselves to be overthrown from within.

But we have been!

As we now see, our elected leaders are incentivised to lie to us. Rather than strive to represent us, they seek to replace us! The framework our founders bequeathed to us is insufficient to govern those who are neither moral nor God-fearing, who tell lies without conscience or repercussions. (And that pretty well covers almost all who are now in charge, or who seek to be.)

Unless the moral and God-fearing rise up NOW and embrace the principles of propertarianism, freedom, security and prosperity for all of us, as we know it, will be extinguished.

One does not need to be religious, or even believe in a deity, to practice propertarianism. But one does need to tell the truth. And the implementation of propertarianism is the means by which truth will be restored to make us free, prosperous, united and at peace once again.

I urge you to watch this video. It is the most important video I have ever watched on the internet. It is the only real, practical solution to our nation's  problems -- short of civil war and killing or converting all who would take from others life, liberty, property, or the possibility of happiness for their own short-term, personal gain.

Watch the video!