Sunday, September 18, 2016

A wild man hath come among us

There is one who claims to be a true prophet on the earth: one who stands in the presence of God, our Risen Lord, who is witness to Christ's atonement, resurrection and glory, who speaks divine words as one having authority, being sent from God. 

His name is Denver Snuffer. 

Snuffer says all who reject his message do so at their peril. Those who fail to heed his witness and warning, who are not (re)baptized in Christ's name with His baptism, who do not repent of their sins, will be consumed by floods, fires, and destructions to come contemporaneous with the Lord's imminent return. Snuffer says Christ is returning soon to reclaim His rightful throne, once Zion is prepared and rises up to welcome and greet Him.

Those who believe in Christ and Snuffer's witness are now preparing to establish Zion. For now, that preparation involves (1) personally repenting, (2) being (re)baptized, and (3) inviting all who would to join in the effort.

Snuffer advocates the formation of no new church. He manages no gathering and receives no income from his preaching. He has a flock of followers, but discourages anyone from "following" him. He urges, rather, all to come unto Christ and repent.

While Snuffer's "approach" may be unique, his message is not. Many true (and false!) prophets have so testified. What distinguishes Snuffer is his "voice": he speaks new words of Christ. I "hear" Christ's "voice" in Snuffer's teachings. New words of Christ! The Lord speaks again from the heavens unto us! 
"[B]ehold the seer, for he prophesieth, and there is a strange thing in the land; a wild man hath come among us." (Moses 6:38.)
A true prophet (or prophetess) bears a message from or witness of God. He inspires dread in some, anger (or disbelief) in others, and humility and penance in the hearts of those who receive his (or her) message. At all times a true prophet cries repentance unto the people and urges all mankind to come unto Christ (not unto himself). A true prophet is physically impoverished (though perhaps rejuvenated) by his service to God, not enriched as to the things of this world (as false prophets often are). A true prophet understands that the kingdom of heaven, for all believers, is only to be entered into by personal sacrifice.

A false prophet, on the other hand, uses feigned love, perhaps even genuine affection, often lofty rhetoric, soaring music and theatrics, the trappings of office, station, status or standing. He appears, in all respects, to be a holy man. His garb becomes one who is respectable and respected. He often dons robes and riches to flatter, entertain, seduce and deceive. False prophets often quote scripture, mimic spiritual gifts, and use crafty circumlocutions, trying, at best, to be honest while appearing to possess gifts, keys, powers and knowledge they do not have, thereby conveying a false impression that the "kingdom of heaven" is with them. Others use trickery and deceit -- like this guy who swings his coat in the air to "knock over with the Spirit" all those who, ostensibly, come forth to be healed. (Most of those falling down are "in" on the gag.) Such are bound for hell (or repetitions of a telestial existence, worlds without end), not being honest in heart.

The "elect" see through this nonsense, call upon God for themselves, discern the Way, the Truth and the Life, keep His commandments, are born again, become baptized in His name by both water and the Spirit, become sanctified by Christ's blood, and are eventually saved in the kingdom of heaven by Christ and His merits alone.

The rest are damned, worlds without end.

I believe Denver Snuffer to be a prophet of God and invite you, the reader, to listen to his talk given last Sunday in Boise, Idaho, at the Doctrine of Christ Conference. I was there. You can listen to it here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I am amazed at the sorrow -- and the depth of sorrow! -- that must accompany every joy. Well did Emily Dickinson express:
For each ecstatic instant
We must an anguish pay
In keen and quivering ratio
To the ecstasy.
For each beloved hour
Sharp pittances of years,
Bitter contested farthings
And coffers heaped with tears.