Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An Honest Man Goes to Washington

During the Prevaricator-in-Chief's speech to a joint session of Congress tonight, South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson shouted "You lie!" Colleagues on both sides of the aisle condemned him. Even Senator John McCain, Obama's opponent last year, called Wilson's actions "totally disrespectful," saying "There is no place for it in that setting, or any other, and he should apologize for it immediately."

Wilson's stock immediately shot up in my book. He appears to be the only member of Congress incapabable of keeping silent while swallowing copious amounts of equine dung served fresh from the Chief Donkey himself.
Obama's speech was nothing but a pack of lies.

The biggest whoppers Obama has told?
  • That his proposed scheme would not publically fund abortions or provide health services to illegal aliens. Yet his party (in power) has repeatedly shot down all amendments explicitly guaranteeing as much. And no provisions in any of his bills would provide any mechanism of enforcement to preclude illegals from accessing publically funded health care. So his claim is fatuous.
  • That we can simultaneously save money while expanding coverage for 46 million uninsured -- without increasing taxes! This is just too stupid to refute. Imagine if we did the same thing in the restaurant industry: provide universal "meal" coverage -- without increasing costs to anyone or rationing food for everyone. Get real.
  • "I will not let anyone -- government buraucrat or insurance company representative -- get between you and your doctor." Ya, right! Of course he won't! He'll simply bankrupt your insurance company. When they go out of business -- unable to compete with the heavily subsidized "public" program -- there simply won't be anyone there to help you, including your doctor.
  • "If you like your current insurance provider, you can keep it." Another damnable ruse. The government plans to tax companies 8% if they fail to insure their employees. But health care costs those companies MORE than 8% now. So they'd be better off paying the penalty tax and dumping their employees into the government's insurance pool! Sure you can keep your insurance...until your boss dumps the plan. Then what are you going to do?
  • A "public option" will increase competition, savings, etc. How well has that worked out for FedEx and UPS? Do they view the U.S. Postal Service as a competitor? Hardly. The USPS is a role model of inefficiency and dreadful service. We want to use this as our model for government-run health care? Look at Medicare and Medicaid now. They are a national disgrace of fraud, waste and abuse. Expanding it will give us only more of the same.
Obama and his ilk couldn't care less about health care. What they crave is power. Our government was effectively overthrown by "progressives" (code word for "communists") in the early 1900's when Woodrow Wilson changed our laws and FDR packed our courts with anti-Constitutionalists. At this same time Russia, Italy, Germany, and China, among others, where plunged into tyranny under the guise of fascist dictatorships and communist / socialist autocracies. America has simply taken longer to capitulate to the pressures of "democracy". But the powers that be -- those running our banks and global business interests, not to mention their paid-off stooges in Washington -- are leading us down those same avenues which have terminated in disaster for so many. Day by day, incrementally, we are becoming slaves.

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