Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Race

I had a vivid dream last night.

I was with two of my children. We were at a peaceful park, sitting on the grass around noon time. The sky was clear. We were happy. The sun was brightly shining.

Then, like a switch, it all went dark. You could still see the sun in the sky, but now it was a dull grey disk. The whole earth, it seemed, was bathed in shadow.

I instantly knew what it meant. I turned to my daughter and said: "Jesus is coming back!"

Then I thought about the food chain...and gathered our kids and ran to the car. I had to get to Costco! (There wouldn't be any more food!) My wife and other children weren't with me. I was SO WORRIED about them! What would they do? There would be mass chaos, violence and starvation!

I drove as quickly as I could down a narrow winding concrete path that skirted a sewage canal or drainage ditch. A man sat in the front seat beside me, speaking words of guidance at every turn. (There were many different ways to go. I didn't know where I was headed.) My car got scratched up as I nearly drove off the road, slamming into a guardrail! I didn't care.

I had to hurry to find and save my family.

Then I woke up.

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