Sunday, December 13, 2020

It is 1861 again

I hope President Trump declares martial law and rounds up all of the seditious conspirators who have sought by fraud to treasonously steal this election.

I imagine they would be the same principle characters who lied to the American people for 4 years, fraudulently implicating him and his cabinet in collusion with Russians, followed by a phony impeachment, numerous fruitless, litigious and harassing lawsuits and investigations, and countless lies, including false polls and blatant censoring by social media.

These crooks, consisting of many Democrats and some Republicans, in collusion with China and other foreign operatives in many other nations, unleashed a pandemic on this land that crippled our economy and killed hundreds of thousands of our citizens - all to effect an attempted coup against a sitting US president!

This is no less than an act of war against the United States! 

If many of them hang, justice will be served.

If President Trump does NOT now bring justice to these actors - America's enemies, foreign and domestic - our republic is finished.

Lawlessness will reign; freedom will be extinguished; truth will be suppressed; and the American way of life will end.

Better to shed a little blood now than a lot of blood later! 

Godspeed, President Trump! Do what you have to do to save these United States of America! 

It is 1861 again.

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