Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Left's Success

The Left's coordinated psy-ops campaign against this president and the American people is staggering for its scope and success.

Virtually EVERY mainstream media poll, post, and newscast (with the exception of Fox) has denigrated Trump for the last 4 years, all but ignoring his many positive accomplishments. The Left has consistently, relentlessly projected Trump's downfall and defeat (even incarceration!) while, this election cycle, presupposing and assuring US of Biden's "inevitable" electoral victory.

This, despite Biden's anemic, almost non-existent campaign, his hiding out in his basement, not answering questions, his lack of workable policies, his execrable, unpopular running mate, and almost NO visible grassroots support...other than the Marxist, racist BLM marchers and anarchist Antifa arsonists rioting for Biden, looting, and burning down our cities. (The media doesn't cover this anymore because it hurts Biden's poll numbers.)

Trump holds MULTIPLE rallies EACH DAY, drawing tens of thousands of enthusiastic, peaceful, flag-waving supporters from all demographic subsets across this country. (But the media doesn't cover this either, for obvious reasons.) 

In fact, Facebook and Twitter have taken to censoring positive Trump posts, even blocking news agencies publishing articles critical of Biden, while Google manipulates search results to favor Democrats and left-leaning news sites.

While dealing with the Clinton/Obama-orchestrated "Russia" hoax, spy and collusion scandal, endless fruitless investigations, court challenges, Democrat-led impeachment, and the COVID-19 crisis, Trump has appointed hundreds of federal judges -- including three excellent Supreme Court Justice picks -- lowered taxes, eased regulations, expanded energy production, and enacted prison reform. 

Until the latest cordinated "attack" by Democrats, "Never-Trumper" Republicans, and China, in less than 4 years, Trump has brought about the highest wage gains and lowest unemployment in American history, benefitting ALL Americans.

By contrast, after nearly 50 years in politics, Joe Biden has done NOTHING to warrant being president. He is unfit for office. (His accusations against Trump are mere projections of his own atrocious attributes. Biden is a proven liar, cheat, and plagiarist. His flagrant, documented dishonesty and unpopularity derailed his previous two presidential campaigns, yet he's the "best" Democrats have to offer!) He now suffers from dementia. He is compromised, subject to blackmail, and unfit to lead.

His former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, has produced incontrovertible evidence (documents, recordings, testimony, all corroborated by the Senate) PROVING that Joe Biden is a liar and puppet of the Communist Chinese Party (CCP). With his family, Biden has been "on the take" for BILLIONS of dollars -- selling government access, shaping foreign policy, and benefitting the Biden Family -- and our enemies -- for decades. Biden is a traitor to US.

No Biden rallies. No evident enthusiasm. No coherent workable policies or solutions. No answer to Bobulinski's credible claims that Biden is a corrupt stooge of the CCP.

By contrast, Trump has produced STAGGERING results:

• Secured peace in the Middle East (despite moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, as promised)
• Destroyed terrorists and vastly curtailed foreign and domestic terrorism
• Crushed ISIS
• Started no new wars
• Brought home our troops
• Rebuilt our military
• Fully funded the VA
• Increased troop pay
• Held North Korea and Iran at bay via sanctions
• Brought China to heal by enacting tariffs
• Sucessfully managed immigration and secured our borders by building hundreds of miles of new wall and imposing travel restrictions, despite universal Democrat opposition
• In the process, received THREE Nobel Peace Prize nominations

But the mainstream media reports NONE of this -- ignoring even Biden's evident, disqualifying corruption.

The Commission on Presidential Debates -- staffed exclusively by Democrats and Never-Trumpers, with debates moderated ONLY by liberals -- AVOIDED COMPLETELY the topic of "Foreign Policy" this election cycle, thereby denying Trump the opportunity to tout his many serial accomplishments, "saving" Biden from having to answer for his.

The fact that a sizable number of Americans STILL don't know about ANY of this -- even after most of US have voted in advance, at the Left's insistence (one of the many schemes the Left is using to "rig" this election and commit voter fraud) -- is PROOF of the Left's success at making "the long march" through our institutions. 

Americans have been duped. A "revolution" is underway right under our noses!

This article below is a perfect example of how the Left denigrates Trump without citing a SINGLE specific act or policy he has implimented. It is a masterpiece of propaganda.

We have witnessed nothing like this in American history. It is nothing short of a coup. This is the sort of stuff that only  happens in tolalitarian and communist regimes.

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