Monday, June 29, 2015

Spirit of prophecy

The kingdom of God on earth is an organizational "pancake". Throughout the ages, prophets have testified simultaneously, providing multiple "witnesses" of God's will and words. Lehi, you may recall, shared his visions of God with those in Jerusalem even as Jeremiah languished in the pit. Those who have been called of God have not always come from the same clan or kin or organization. Quite often, the opposite has been true. The prophet Samuel, a Lamanite, came as one unknown and unexpected among the Nephites. Nephi (son of Helaman) himself was hardly recognized for whom he was. Among the wicked he was called the "pretended prophet". 

It is the Holy Ghost, not the words or will of men, which gives utterance

Yes, Denver Snuffer is inspired of God. Greatly so. It is the Holy Ghost which inspires and enlightens him, making his words worth heeding, nothing else. It is not because he is a "prophet", a "servant", etc., that we should give heed to him. His position or standing before God is irrelevant. He could lose that position or authority in a heartbeat. (He yet possesses agency, does he not?) If we exalt him as someone to be "followed" and obeyed, we supplant one "idol" for another in place of God. (We've danced to that tune of "follow the prophet" long enough, haven't we?)

It is time we serve the Lord. 

Yes, I love to read and heed Denver's words. I'm grateful for his talents exercised on our behalf. But the oil must be found in our lamps! We cannot hope to walk by Denver's light if we wish to meet the Bridegroom at His coming. Following Denver will leave us short of that goal.

The scriptures speak of "prophets". The prophets testify of Christ. I, too, have suspected that Denver has secured some kind of binding association with the Heavens, with the exalted Fathers, that (I would hope) we can replicate for ourselves. Perhaps he can extend to us those same "ties that bind", as Joseph proposed, as Abraham seemingly could. 

I would rather, however, if possible, secure an association with Heaven myself. (The LDS Church has its own form of "sealing" among men that supposedly binds on earth and in heaven. I do not trust the arm of flesh, however, to "stand in" for the real deal, with angels attending, etc.) When that event happens, I may not know whether I be in the flesh or not, but I will know that the power of God is upon me.

We are being tested here and now to see if we can hear and heed the Holy Ghost, which ministers to the telestial world, that we might become "prophets" ourselves, bearing witness of the Son (terrestrial) and ultimately come unto the Father (celestial).

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  1. And the Holy Ghost giveth authority that I should speak these things,
    and deny them not.

    1 Nephi 10:22