Tuesday, June 16, 2015

When moved upon by the Holy Ghost

Last month I gathered with a smattering of wannabe saints in the mountains of Colorado to pray, praise and worship. Many fine talks were given. I was originally asked to speak, but declined, having nothing to say. When I prayed to God during the weeks and months leading up to that event, no ideas, words, or topics came to my mind and heart. Consequently, I went to this "meeting" only to be edified by others, to rejoice in their company and enjoy their fellowship.

It had been a long time since I had borne my testimony (other than to my family) in any religious forum or setting. The leaders of my (former) LDS ward had forbidden me from speaking. I was never once assigned to speak in sacrament meeting under their administration (over three years). When I extemporaneously bore my testimony in class or during testimony meeting, they afterward remonstrated me severely.

My testimony was not the message they wanted you to hear.

When I got to Colorado, I listened to the many talks given. I worshipped with my new friends and "family". And when the opportunity arose to bear my testimony, I felt the Holy Ghost at last fall upon me. It was given to me in the very moment what I should say.

These were my words.

If you are about to "defriend" me and never again listen to anything I say, I urge you to hear my testimony before you go.

I bear witness it is true.


  1. wtcarter, I enjoyed listening to your testimony. I was there, but as I'm sure you understand, between grandkids and blessings and arriving late - I missed it at the time. Listening took me back to that magical weekend. While I have not maintained the "high" entirely, neither have I settled into the previous state. My closeness with others and with the Lord has been permanently enhanced. At the end of Adrian's talk, I stood to accept the call. The Lord saw, and accepted my offering. Life since has been one incredible day after another. I also appreciated your comment - when you leave here, expect miracles, because He is a God of miracles. This is so true, and I testify that the heavens are open, Angels are truly excited about what is going on. I had a "vision" yesterday morning, where I saw a modest group of angels applauding what we are doing. Then, the Lord kind of said, "No - that's not it...it's more like this!" The modest group was replaced by a multitude of heavenly beings applauding and cheering enthusiastically. God bless you - on YOUR journey. I'm sure we'll meet some day.

  2. Scott,

    I see we're now "friends" on Facebook. I look forward to meeting you.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I missed the testimony meeting on the mountain (though I got to participate in a very awesome one that evening, through God's grace).